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Jacksonville Jaguars V. Cleveland Browns Preview: 3 Key Matchups to Watch

November 18th, 2011 at 11:35 PM
By Michael Hall

Here's 3 Key Matchups as the Jacksonvile Jaguars go up north to face the Cleveland Browns. 

3. WR Jason Hill v. CB Joe Haden

Jason Hill did not record a catch in the Jaguars' win against the Colts. I don't expect Hill to put up massive receiving numbers thgis week,  but I do expect him to get some key down field blocks for Maurice Jones-Drew and the running game. Joe Haden is a feisty corner from his days as a Florida Gator, so it will be important to keep him occupied before he tries to disrupt the play.  

2. CB Derek Cox v. WR Greg Little

It isn't something to really worry about, but Derek Cox defintiely needs to keep Colt McCoy's favorite target, Greg Little away from the ball. Little has more catches (37) than any other Browns receiver. Taking away his primary target and forcing McCoy to go through his progressions is a sure way to keep their drives short. After all, it only takes an extra split second of extra time in the pocket for Jeremy Mincey or Matt Roth to fight off a blocker and rock McCoy's world, but more on that later…. 

1. DE Jeremy Mincey v. LT Joe Thomas

It's time for round two. Last year, Mincey faced off against Joe Thomas and came away with two sacks as the Jaguars rallied to a hard-fought victory against the Browns. Now, with the Jags needing a win to keep any chance they have for the division crown alive, Mincey needs to have another big day.  Putting constent pressure on Colt McCoy on Sunday is the key to victory. Getting in McCoy's face will disrupt an already suspect passing offense and with the ball hawking mood that the defense seems to be in, the rout might be in full effect by the end of the first half. 



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