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Jacksonville Jaguars V. Cleveland Browns Preview: 5 Keys to Victory

November 19th, 2011 at 3:22 PM
By Michael Hall

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be heading up to Cleveland this week to face the Cleveland Browns. Here's to hoping that Matt Roth goes nuts against his old team.

5. Win the Field Position Battle

It's a no-brainer, but it's makes this game a lot more simple. With Peyton Hilis out and Hardesty questionable, the Browns running game might be dependent on Chris Ogbonnaya. Doesn't inspire much fear or dread, does it? Forcing them deep will make McCoy go to his running game (which probably wouldn't be very effective) or try to force a pass to his wide receivers (Which could easily result in an interception).

4. Win the Turnover Battle

The Jaguars should win this game, the main reason that they don't win this game is if they turn the ball over like in last year's game. Last year, they turned the ball over 6 times  and still managed to get a couple of scores in order to win that game  I don't think they'll be that lucky this year, so keep the ball secure.

3. Make Colt McCoy's Life Miserable

Matt Roth needs to have a big day against his former team as well as Jeremy Mincey.Force him to escape the pocket and make errant throws and this matchup is yours.  That includes stopping the running game so that he can't set up the play-action pass. I want McCoy to be as uncomfortable as a vegan at Espetos.(P.S.: The Ribeye is awesome) 

2. Pound the Rock With Maurice Jones-Drew

The Browns are 30th in the league in run defense and that needs to be exploited mercilessly. Mojo should be licking his chops right now with the offensive line starting to gel together.  By the way, it wouldn't hurt to call some screens, either. 

1. Convert Third Downs

Yes, again. Don't tire out your defense by going 3 and out on every drive. Find someone with good hands and throw to them when theyy get near the first down marker. Chastin West seems to have a knack for converting third downs, so he should be a good target with those ever-difficult slant passes.  However, it would be nice if someone else in the receiving corps stepped up as well. 

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