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Jacksonville Jaguars V. Cleveland Browns Review: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

November 21st, 2011 at 8:36 AM
By Michael Hall

It's just another unfortunate loss in Jaguarland. Let's get this thing started.

The Good

I'm going to get this out of the way. Blaine Gabbert had a pretty good day, overall. Did he make some bad throws? Yes. Did he wince in the pocket a few times? Yes. However, he was accurate on most of his throws ( 22 of 41, 53%) , he eclipsed 200 yards for the second time, and he led the team down the field on that last drive.The arrow is pointing up.

Some of you might call me crazy, but Marcedes Lewis had a pretty good day as well. He had 7 catches for 63 yards, despite that one bad drop in the first half. Now he just needs to keep it up.

Terrance Knighton has had a good day, because with how much the Jaguars run D was abused, he'should be due for a big payday. More on that later.

The Bad

Where was the run defense today? How do you let Chris Ogobannaya run all over you in the second half? You know. The third string running back? The guy that was signed about a month ago off of the practice squad? Oh my goodness, he looked like Chris flipping Johnson out there with all of those missed tackles.

Jack Del Rio's clock management was bad, but I can see what he was trying to do by catching the defense off guard, but why did it take so long for them to set up the next play. The 3rd and 1 run play ended at 35 seconds left. Why did it take until there was 13 seconds left to get the play off?  That's 22 wasted seconds off of the clock before you get the next play off. If you halved that time, you would still have 19 seconds on the clock. JDR, your clock management has been terrible this year and it's about time for you to pack your bags. 

The Ugly

The Refs were pretty bad in this game. Phantom PI calls, the untipped ball that was apparently tipped, defensive backs were riding Mike Thomas like a pony all day (even on that last play of the game). I guess it is only fitting that Terry McAulay was in this game. 

The final play of the game was pretty ugly as well. Blaine could've thrown to Maurice Jones-Drew in the flat and given him a chance to break a tackle. Or he could've actually tried to run the ball into the endzone himself. I know that this is Monday Morning Quarterbacking at its' finiest, but we should have won that game. Oh, and by the way, Nice catch, Jason Hill. If you caught the touchdown pass on the penultimate play of the game, you would've singlehandedly won the game.You had  a chance to win over the heart of the fanbase and this team and you drop the ball.  

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2 Responses to “Jacksonville Jaguars V. Cleveland Browns Review: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

  1.  Brian says:

    Penultimate play? I know making Hill the token scapegoat because he is one of any average to below average receivers is the easy way out, but how about Gabbert missing a wide open Hill earlier? Why isn’t that the “penultimate play”? Or better yet, why isn’t the last play the “penultimate play”? Having the ball hit him in the chest might be the easy criticism but failing to acknowledge the play of Haden pulling his left arm away from his body prior to the ball actually getting there is a bit neglecting. Gabbert is getting way too much credit for his play.

  2. Penultimate means second to last. Upon further review, it did look like Jason Hill had his arms pinned by Joe Haden, but the ball still hit him in the chest. As for Gabbert missing Hill in the endzone, he had already released the ball as the defender fell down. It stinks, but it happens. Gabbert wasn’t perfect, but he is still responsible for helping moving the ball down to the endzone in the first place. That’s an improvement. That’s what we should be looking for.

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