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5 Things That the Jacksonville Jaguars and Their Fans Should Be Thankful For

November 24th, 2011 at 11:58 AM
By Michael Hall

So, the Jacksonville Jaguars are starting a rookie QB, pretty much out of the playoff race, and they have the most players in the league on IR, However, the Jacksonville Jaguars and their fans have things they should be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day. So, as you're recovering from that food coma, here are 5 things to ponder about.

5. Maurice Jones-Drew 

Without him, there is no offense. He not only has the most rushing yards in the AFC (2nd overall to Lesean McCoy), he is also the emotional center of this team. He seems to be wearing down with the large workload this season and he is on pace to have the most carries of his career. Someone needs to step up and help give Mojo less of a workload. Deji Karim doesn't look like he's able to do it, but maybe Montell Owens can spell MJD on occasion.

4. A True Free Safety 

I know that you're wondering why I would put a free safety above Mojo. Trust me, my claim is legit. When is the last time that the Jaguars have had a protoypical free safety? Maybe Reggie Nelson in his first year, but other than that, never. The Jaguars have the least amount of explosive passing plays (Plays of 20+ yards) against them in the league. Dwight Lowery is a big reason for that. Lowery is pretty fast, he's always around the football, he can fulfill a wide variety of roles (including blitzing and covering tight ends), and when he has the ball in his hands he is a threat to get into the endzone.No other safety in Jaguars history can really claim to do all of those things. 

3. Wayne Weaver

The Jaguars and their fans should be thankful to have an owner like Wayne Weaver, who brought this franchise to Jacksonville. He doesn't really try to put his personal touch on the franchise like Jerry Jones and he has been very patient with a fanbase that has been…inconsistent. The one thing about him is that he can be a bit too nice with two long-tenured coaches in this team's 17-year history. Everone knows that Jack Del Rio has overstayed his welcome a few years ago.

2. Not Having to Deal With Tebowmania

I guess it's about time we made some people angry.Gene Smith made the right move in not selecting Tim Tebow with the 10th pick of the 2010 NFL Draft. Tim Tebow is not a long-term NFL QB. Sure, those runs are nice and he's winning in spite of only throwing 8 passes or so and hitting less than 50% of them. But next year, when he faces the AFC North, that isn't going to fly. Not unless he wants to get injured by the middle of next season by Terrell Suggs or James Harrison. I like the guy as a person and a player, but his entourage of rabid fans have irked me since his early days at Florida (I'm a Florida Gator fan).  From the guy dropping off his Jaguar gear at the stadium after draft day, to the Bronco Gators and their "Sea Dragon" logo, to the large amount of Jaguar "fans" becoming Bronco fans. It has just vexed me. Correct if I'm wrong, but you draft a player, especially a QB, in the first round to become a fixture on your team for the next 10 years or so. You don't use a first round pick to become some sort of novelty that MAY stick around like Matt Jones.

1. An Improving Young QB

This kind of goes into the Tebowmania thing as well. Jaguars fans should be thankful that they have a rookie QB in Blaine Gabbert that is improving in every game. Think about it. Remember those happy feet he had in the pocket? Those have disappeared. The wincing in the pocket? That only happened once on Sunday.His accuracy? While it has been suspect at times, he has hit over 50% of his passes for two games in a row and he only had two three-and-out drives against the Browns. He's not putting up the sexy stats like Andy Dalton and Cam Newton, but he is starting to make this offense work even with a human turnstile on the right side of his offensive line and receivers that struggle to get separation. Make no mistake folks, this IS your future franchise quarterback and once you give him a few extra weapons, this team could be a league power for a long amount of time.

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