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The Jacksonville Jaguars Still Have Some Things to Play For

November 27th, 2011 at 9:14 AM
By Michael Hall

Going into this game against the Houston Texans, the Jags have a few things to play for. With all of these injuries, tough losses and lack of fan support it is easy to see this season as a lost cause. However, the Jags still have a few reasons to keep on fighting.

3. A Possible Playoff Berth

I know some of you are pulling out your best Jim Mora impersonations right now but there is still small shot to get into the playoffs. If the Jags get on a roll and start winning, they could at least be in the playoff hunt.

2. Experience

Some of the newer guys will need to get some valuable experience in order to eventually improve their game. This is important for rookies like Blaine Gabbert and Will Rackley axs well as backup players who may be thrust into starting roles in the next few years like William Middleton and John Chick

1. Momentum

I've mentioned this before. If the Jaguars finish this season strong, that could translate into success next year. Maurice Jones-Drew could win the rushing title this year, They could have some huge primetime wins against the San Diego Chargers and the Atlanta Falcons. Heck, the offense could be running like a well-oiled machine as a receiver steps up and makes plays. This defense could still maintain its' Top 10 ranking. I'm sure that with all of the adversity of 2011, the players would be pumped to achieve a couple of those milestones that I mentioned above.

Momentum can be an amazing thing. Momentum is what carried the Jaguars to a playoff berth in 1996 after starting off at 3-6. That began the starting point of a 3-4 year reign over the AFC Central division. Similarly, the Green Bay Packers led the league in injuries in 2010 as they limped into the playoffs. One year later, They're 11-0 and poised for a possible perfect season. Am I saying that Gabbert will suddenly turn into Aaron Rodgers and put up historical numbers? No. But what I am saying is that nothing is set in stone and if Blaine Gabbert starts winning games and gaining confidence, one cannot predict what heights he will reach. 

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