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Houston Texans V. Jacksonville Jaguars Review: the Good the Bad, and the Ugly

November 28th, 2011 at 8:41 AM
By Michael Hall

It was another frustrating day for the Jaguars offense as the Jacksonville Jaguars fell to the Houston Texans 13-20. Let's get it started.

The Good

Where would this offense be without Maurice Jones-Drew? Oh yeah, nowhere. Mojo had 166 total yards today, including 99 yards on the ground. Perhaps the Jags should reward him an Atlas trophy for carrying the dead weight of theJaguars offense on his shoulders.

The defense played against a second and third string QB today, but they still managed to stop the offense.  after all, they held Arian Foster to 65 yards on 22 carries. 43 of those yards came on one play.

Paul Posluszny was a big reason for the shutdown of the Texans running game. The man was playing like he was possesed, after all ,he was the person that forced the fumble that went for six points. Some may call him Poz, but I call him the Defensive MVP. 

Ashton Youboty and William Middleton both deserve a kudos as well for coming in on short notice and keeping the Texan receivers in check. 

The Bad

Marcedes Lewis' drop in the endzone was horrible. He makes a few good catches to keep the drive moving and you get pumped that he might be on the right track again and BOOM, he drops an easy one. Are the Jaguars WRs deathly allergic to the endzone? It sure seems like it. We're going to need some serious help in the offseason.

Guy Whimper was especially bad on the offensive line today allowing Connor Barwin to get 4 sacks on Gabbert. However, I can't just blame Whimper, the whole offensive line had a bad day against the Texans defense, allowing 7 sacks on the day.

The QB play from Blaine Gabbert and Luke McCown was from mediocre to bad.. Gabbert was obviously harrassed in the pocket since Connor Barwin was eating his lunch throughout the game. Luke McCown may have got a couple of first downs, but he still didn't get the job done. He still has that nasty habit of staring down receivers, he took a pretty bad sack on a critical drive, and I'm not even sure what happened on that final drive. Garrard-bashers, these are your saviors. An obviously-struggling rookie QB (though I'm probably one of the few people in this city that still likes him) and a journeyman who's staredowns could probably turn Medusa to stone. 

The Ugly

That last play was beyond ugly.If you didn't see it. The Jags rushed to the line and Luke McCown quickly snapped the ball and threw to Mike Thomas on fourth down and he couldn't haul it in.. Game over. First of all, Troy Nolan of the Texans ran through the line, unabated to the QB. Somebody should've at least slowed him down and if you couldn't account for him due to personnel, why didn't you call a timeout? That wuld be something that one would expect from a rookie like Gabbert, not an 8 year veteran.Next are the options. Jarett Dillard has one of the surest hands on the team and he was running an in route, which could've been an easy first down or you could've thrown the ball to Jason Hill who was running the slant.. Heck you could've just thrown the ball up to your 6'6 tight end who just caught the previous pass. In the immortal words of the Monday Night Football crew: "C'mon Man!!!" 

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