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Jacksonville Jaguars GM Gene Smith Receives 3-Year Contract Extension

November 29th, 2011 at 12:08 PM
By Michael Hall

On a day full of Jacksonville Jaguars related moves, General Manager Gene Smith has received a 3-year contract extension. A few weeks ago, it was reported that Gene Smith only had one year left on his contract and that he refused to sign an extension because his assistants were all on one year contracts as well. 

This move makes sense because his fate will be tied to the success of Blaine Gabbert and while Gabbert hasn't really lit it up this season, it is way too early to evaluate him. It's funny quickly this town has turned on him, while somehow forgetting that he has one of the worst receiving corps in the league and that he has a human turnstile on the right side of the line due to injuries. You can't put a 22-year old rookie QB in that situation and expect success immediately.  

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