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Jacksonville Jaguars OT Guy Whimper Had His Shot, It’s Time for Cameron Bradfield to Start

December 1st, 2011 at 6:18 PM
By Michael Hall

Enough. I have had enough of watching Guy Whimper whiff on blocks against speed rushers every week with Baline Gabbert suffering the consequences. Whimper was directly responsible for at least three sacks against the Houston Texans. It has become fairly obvious that he won't improve, so why not give the undrafted rookie a chance to make his mark?

The right tackle position has been among the most injured positions on the team. First, the backup, Kevin Haslam, was injured during the team scrimmage.Then, Eben Britton developed a back injury during training camp that continued through most of the season until he was finally placed on IR. All of those unfortunate occurences, led to Guy Whimper starting at Right Tackle for most of the year. Early on, he seemed to be doing just fine, leaving his horrid preseason behind him, but he was exposed in the Pittsburgh Steelers game by Lamarr Woodley, giving up two sacks. Each week afterwards, he has been a liability on the line in pass coverage, much like Jordan Black was throughout the 2010 season. Terrell Suggs gave him fits, He whiffed on Brooks Reed  for a sack , he allowed a sack by Robert Mathis of the Indianapolis Colts, and he allowed a sack by Jabaal Sheard of the Cleveland Browns (Who?), and we all know about his effort in his second stint against the Texans. Just give the Cameron Bradfield a shot. Who knows? He might even be just as solid as Eben Britton. It certainly couldn't hurt. He looked pretty good filling in for Eugene Monroe during that game against Pittsburgh.

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