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San Diego Chargers V. Jacksonville Jaguars Preview: Offensive X-Factor

December 4th, 2011 at 9:42 PM
By Michael Hall

As I was working on some cardio at the gym on Friday, I was thinking about the upcoming football game (It makes for a pleasant distraction from the torture). I could just see Mike Thomas having a big day against the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night. And so, the X-Factor series was born (and no, I am not talking about that America's Got Talent ripoff).The offensive X-Factor for this week will be Jacksonville Jaguars WR Cecil Shorts.

Cecil Shorts III will have a breakout game against the Chargers, With Brian Robiskie out of the lineup, Cecil Shorts will probably get a lot more playing time, and I believe that he will make the most out of it. It is no secret that Cecil Shorts has a lot of speed. Something tells me that he will be a major target on play-action passes. The safeties and linebackers will probably be so keyed in on Maurice Jones-Drew, that Cecil Shorts could run past their corner for a huge gain iuf he can catch the ball. He gained a reputation through out training camp for making incredible catches and not dropping anything that came his way. I think that we can get a look at what everyone saw from him during training camp on Monday


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