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Jacksonville Jaguars V. Tennessee Titans Preview: 5 Keys to Victory

December 23rd, 2011 at 7:17 PM
By Michael Hall

Here are 5 Keys to Victory as the Jacksonville Jaguars head into Nashville to face the Tennessee Titans.

5. Stop Chris Johnson

Johnson has had a pretty mediocre year so far, but he is still dangerous. Stop him early, and he'll probably trail off as the Tennessee ofefense shifts towards the pass. 

4. Protect Blaine Gabbert

For goodness sake, give Gabbert a pocket to throw against . Last week, he was covered by red jerseys every time he stepped back after the snap with Guy Whimper usually being the one holding on for dear life. Cameron Bradfield will probably be starting at right tackle against the Titans, so all eyes will be on him. Being better than Whimper shouldn't be difficult, but  nothing is set in stone. However, if Bradfield has a good showing on Saturday, he could be competeting with Kevin Haslam as a backup tackle.

3. Establish Maurice Jones-Drew

The Titans are ranked 23rd against the run, so Mojo should be getting his usual workload. However, he also needs a few touches in the passing game as well. The linebackers will be running low on depth, due to injuries, so make  Mojo wear them out. As a matter of fact, if the Tennessee front 7 isn't sucking wind by the fourth quarter, the offensive execution should be considered a failure. 

2.  Reduce the Mistakes

Whenever the Jaguars commit multiple turnovers, they are 1-4 and are outscored 92-141. It's self-explanatory.

1. Pressure the Quarterback

When I say pressure the QB, I don't mean occasionally. I want constant pressure from multiple players. Matt Roth is still out with a concussion and Jeremy Mincey is already a beast, so some of the young guys like George Selvie and Leger Douzable need to step up. Especially, Selvie, who has been a non-factor. 

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