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Four Jacksonville Jaguars Finalists for the Fred Taylor Award

December 28th, 2011 at 1:11 AM
By Michael Hall

As usual, we all usually notice a bunch of Jacksonville Jaguars players that will get the shaft for Pro Bowl bids. So, I decided to come up with an annual Fred Taylor award. Sorry, there's not some monetary prize or a trophy or guaranteed national recognition (at least not yet), but the deeds of some standout players this year should be recognized as Pro Bowl worthy. This award is in honor of one of the greatest Jaguars ever, who has put up over 11,000 career rushing yards and yet he only received a single Pro Bowl bid as an alternate. 

1. Daryl Smith

Smith has been a consistent producer since he was drafted in the 2004 NFL Draft. He is the leading tackler in Jaguars history with well over 600 career tackles . He is a consummate pro that does everything well: pass coverage, tackling, and blitzing. Every team needs a few Daryl Smiths that will be a consistent force on any given Sunday. His bid suffers from not being able to put up the sexy sack numbers of 3-4 outside linebackers, but he deserves his moment in the sun.

2. Paul Posluszny 

Remember what I said about needing a few Daryl Smiths on your team? The Jaguars received another Daryl Smith during the offseason with Paul Posluszny. He does everything well and he just makes plays every single week. I'd like for someone to explain to me why he isn't even an alternate for the Pro Bowl.  Here are the stats from the two AFC inside linebackers that are in the Pro Bowl and Poz.

NameSacksFFsINTsTacklesPasses Defensed
Ray Lewis2.021886
Derrick Johnson2.0121269
Paul Posluszny2.0121159

Looks pretty similar, doesn't it? I rest my case.

3. Josh Scobee

Another product of the 2004 NFL Draft, Scobee has been worthy of  consideration.For the past few years, he has been among the best kickers in the league, especially this year, where he has only missed two field goals for a 90% field goal percentage. Sure the Jaguars offense hasn't allowed him very many opportunities to get more field goals during the year, but he deserves to be better than the third alternate. After all, if you need a 40-60 yard field goal to win a game, you're  going to want Scobee lining up for the kick.

4. Greg Jones 

I know that this is football, but let's be logical for a second. The Jaguars have the league's leading rusher,  therefore, the main blocker for the leading rusher should congratulated as well. I call Greg Jones "Tank" for good reason. Whenever he lines up, someone is either blown up, blown away, or mowed down. The Jacksonville Jaguars have had one of the best rushing attacks for the better part of the last decade and Jones is a big reason why. Does he get a bunch of touches and get a bunch of touchdowns? No, he doesn't. But if you look at Jones' body of work, the results speak for themselves. He deserves a Pro Bowl bid, that is unless you want to end up like Dexter Reid.

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