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Jacksonville Jaguars Fans Should Agree, the NFL Pro Bowl is a Joke

December 28th, 2011 at 12:43 AM
By Michael Hall

With the news of Maurice Jones-Drew being the only Jaguar, making the Pro Bowl, Jaguar fans have been reminded that the Pro Bowl itself is a joke. We can give example after example of players that have been bypassed for Pro Bowl consideration, even though they have been consistent producers over many years. We'll be going over this stuff in another article, but it definitely needs to be said. And I'm not even miffed about the league's rushing leader playing second fiddle to Ray Rice.

In case you were wondering, I was lying about that last statement. Why is the league's leading rusher, who holds a commanding 128 yard lead from the nearest competitor, playing in a backup role? I don't care about Rice having the most yards from scrimmages with 1,869 yards (MJD is third with 1807 yards), Maurice Jones-Drew is the best running back in the league. Things like that make the Pro Bowl stupid. Seeing players like Daryl Smith, Fred Taylor, and  Donovin Darius go through long productice careers without even a single legit Pro Bowl bid vexes me, especially when players like Ray Lewis are well past their prime and make the Pro Bowl through rep alone. 

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