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Indianapolis Colts V. Jacksonville Jaguars Preview: 5 Keys to Victory

December 30th, 2011 at 11:26 PM
By Michael Hall

Here are 5 Keys to Victory as the Jacksonville Jaguars face the Colts in the season finale.

5. Stop The Run

Don't let Donald Brown emarrass you like he did last year. The last thing that this battered Jaguars defense needs to deal with is an effective play-action game. 

4. Move The Chains

Tire out that Colts defense by continuing to get first downs. That includes not dropping the ball and not running the ball on third and long. I'm just saying…

3. Feed Maurice Jones-Drew

The best way to move the chains is to put the ball into the very capable hands of Mojo. He has been carrying this team all year and he deserves to get a legitimate shot at Fred Taylor's single season rushing record. 

2. Keep Blaine Gabbert Off of the Ground

This one is a no-brainer Keep Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis off of Gabbert, and he should perform well. If not, he'll look just as hurried in the pocket as he usually does. However, I'm not too worried about Freeney with Eugene Monroe .It's the thought of Robert Mathis going against either Cameron Bradfield or Guy Whimper that makes me nervous..

1. Pressure Dan Orlovsky

It's pretty much of a given that the Jaguar offense is going to score a couple of touchdowns this week. However, if the Jags don't want to end up being shocked like the Texans, they need to keep their foot on their throats and keep collapsing the pocket. Orlovsky isn't much of a runner and keeping him on the run is a sure way to stall the Colts offense. 

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