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Should the Jacksonville Jaguars Tank the Last Game to Prevent the Colts from Getting Andrew Luck?

December 31st, 2011 at 11:42 PM
By Michael Hall

There seems to be a bit of a confllict about whether the JAguars should intentionally try to lose against the Indianapolis Colts in order to get a better draft position and to sabotage the Colts' chance to get QB Andrew Luck in the 2012 NFL Draft. However, I believe that it wouldn't be a wise idea.

3. Andrew Luck's Success is Not a Guarantee

I know that Luck is a very good prospect, but he should not be touted as the next Peyton Manning just yet. Throughout the history of the NFL Draft, there have been heavily hyped players that have been regarded as can't-miss prospects that have been busts.Plus, I'll sleep better knowing that the Jaguars defense will be tormenting Luck for AT LEAST the next 5-10 years.

2. Alienating the Fanbase is a Formula for Disaster 

Think about the fans that are actually going to the game. This is a tough economy and these people are payying 50-60 bucks to watch a football game. If the players out there lollygaggiing and diving up, some of those people are going to be angry. For a franchise that has been struggling to sell tickets, that could prove to be catastrophic. This team may not have had a blackout since 2009, but the Jaguars have had to get a deadline extension for almost every home game this this year. 

1. Wayne Weaver Deserves Better

As you may know, this is Wayne Weaver's final game as the owner before Shahid Khan takes over on January 4th. For all that the Weaver family has done for this city, he should be properly sent off with a commanding win ovwer a hated rival. Heck, if they can't manage to get a win, they better play their hearts out. "Win one for Wayne" should be the rallying cry as we close out the Weaver era and begin a shining new era. How fitting for such an event to be held on New Year's Day. 

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