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Indianapolis Colts V. Jacksonville Jaguars Review: the Good, the Bafd, and the Ugly

January 2nd, 2012 at 3:53 PM
By Michael Hall

A pretty good victory to close out the season for the Jacksonville Jaguars as they beat the Indianapolis Colts 19-13.  

The Good

The good shoud start with Maurice Jones-Drew. He rushed for 169 yards and broke the single season rushing record for the Jaguars and the league's rushing title. What else can I say? He certainly deserves it

The defensive ends had a pretty good day as well. Jeremy Mncey as well as George Selvie combined for 3 sacks with two forced fumbles. Tyson Alualu even applied some pressure from the left defensive end spot on obvious passing third downs.

Josh Scobee was perfect on the day, hitting all four of his attempted field goals. Third alternate kicker, my foot.

The Bad

Letting Dan Orlovsky get 250+ passing yards yards was pretty bad, but managing less than 100 passing yards against one of the league's worst defenses is embarrassing.I understand that the game was all about Mojo but come on.

The Ugly

There was nothing really ugly about the game except for the fact that  it wasn't a blowout. There were a bunch of points left on the field. The goal line stand,is the main one that comes to mind, We could've scored a thirty-burger on the Colts. Well, at least it was a win. That's all we can really ask for at this point. Now let's get this team ready for next season. 

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