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Jacksonville Jaguars to Hire Falcons QB Coach Bob Bratkowski as Offensive Coordinator

January 13th, 2012 at 7:46 PM
By Michael Hall

In an expected move, Mike Mularkey has decided to bring Falcons QB coac h Bob Bratkowski to the Jaguars as an Offensive Coordinator. Bradkowski had spent 10 years in Cincinnati as an offensive coordinator before only spending one year with the Atlanta Falcons as a QB coach. This move was expected since Bratkowski and Mularkey are good friends (conspiracy theorists, do your stuff!). This is a good move, as there re now two offensive minds to coach Blaine Gabbert during his first full offseason. And with all of the trials and tribulations that Gabbert went through in his first season as a starter, he needs all of the help that he can get.  

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