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Why the Jacksonville Jaguars Should Lock up Josh Scobee on a Contract Immediately

January 24th, 2012 at 9:49 AM
By Michael Hall

The Jacksonville Jaguars should have learned something valuable from bothjchampionship games over the weekend. Having a clutch kicker is essential for success, especially in the playoffs. The biggest example was Billy Cundiff's miss at the end of the AFC Championship. Cundiff was 1 of 6 this year from 50+ yards and during his three years with the Baltimore Ravens, he has gone 1 for 9 from the 50+ yard range  Those stats probably played a huge role in how the Ravens played the game. for example, when the Ravens were inside the  35 yard line late iin the game, they decided to go for it on 4th down. Had they kicked a field goaland made it, the outcome of the game might've been different.

In contrast, Josh Scobee only missed two field goals during the season, going 5 for 6 from beyond 50 yards. Plus, he has been known to consistently hit critical field goals.Those skills would be sought highly by prospective free agency bidders. If the Jaguars want to make an epic playoff run (Which they are in a position to do), they need to keep the guy who hits 50 yarders and everything in-between about as naturally as his golf swing. 

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