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Analyzing the Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agents

January 30th, 2012 at 5:03 PM
By Michael Hall

A critical part of this offseason is managing to keep the emerging talent while getting rid of the dead weight. This managed to bite the Jaguars in the backside with the loss of Adam Podlesh to free agency last year. . This led to the Jaguars siging Matt "Shankapotamus" Turk, which resulted in a couple of early losses during the season. Well, enough of that, time to get started.

Jaguars Free Agents of 2011
DE Jeremy Mincey
DE Matt Roth
DB Dwight Lowery
DB Rashean Mathis
LB Russell Allen 
DB William Middleton (Restricted)
OT Guy Whimper 
P Nick Harris
K Josh Scobee
FB Brock Bolen (Restricted)
DT C.J. Mosely
QB Luke McCown

High Priority

It is a tough choice between who is the biggest priority because both Dwight Lowery and Jeremy Mincey mean a lot to the defense. In the end, Dwight Lowery wins out. Lowery is only turning 26 years old and he has been a critical part of the Jaguars' defenisve success.There is still room for improvement, though. If he could find a way to improve his hands,he could be considered one of the better safeties in the league. He has dropped 4 or 5 easy interceptions.Fortunately, he has a lot of time.

Priority 1b is Jeremy Mincey, who is the soul of the Jaguars defense. He isn't the most talented prospect, nor is he the most technical, but he has a motor that never stops. Mincey easily has the most pressures and sacks on the team and he is still relatively young. Lock him up with a contract, IMMEDIATELY!

If you haven't noticed the impact of Josh Scobee, you obviously haven't paid attention to the Jaguars for the past 8 years. Don't let him go out the same way that Podlesh did.

Medium Priority

Rashean Mathis has been a major part of the Jaguars secondary for the better part of the past decade. With his contract expiring, he might be on his way out. He is turning 32, he is coming off of a significant injury and there is a wealth of corners available in the draft and on the current roster. Still, it would be nice to have him back if he were cheap.

Matt Roth looks like he should be wearing a hard hat and working at a construction site. Despite his bad luck with injuries this year, he has been a good source of pressure from the left side of the defensive line.  He is a high motor pass rusher that can hold the edge, but if Cliff Avril or Mario Williams are available as free agents, go after them. If not, you have a viable backup option.

Russell Allen is a reliable backup that can play in all three LB positions. Kyle Bosworth can also provide good depth, but the depth can also fortified late in the draft.

Nick Harris is a bit low on the priority list since he is just a punter, but he has played pretty well since being signed off of the street. 

Let Them Walk

Guy Whimper needs to be on the first plane out of Jacksonville. Gabbert was sacked 40 times last year and he was responsible for at least 1/3 of those sacks, even though he did miss a game. I know that he's the third option, but he shouldn't have been manhandled week after week after week. Not just against All-Pros like Terrell Suggs and John Abraham, but players like Jabaal Sheard. He was consistently bad. 

Luke McCown has shown that he was incapable of making this offense work. He's not worth keeping around. Plus, third QB Dan Lefevour has enough upside to make the Jaguars not regret it.

C.J. Mosely made a few plays during the year, but with all of the depth at the defensive tackle spot (Leger Douzable, Nate Collins,Corvey Irvin,  possibly D'Anthony Smith), he doesn't have to be re-signed. 

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