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Jacksonville Jaguars Tight End Marcedes Lewis Needs to Do Three Things During Off Season

January 31st, 2012 at 2:39 PM
By Michael Hall

It was quite apparent that Marcedes Lewis had a terrible season, complete with drops, slips and other various endzone gaffes that were worthy of an NFL Follies reel. So, with the offseason upon us, here are three things for him to do in order to bounce back in the 2012 season.

1. Don't Do the MMA Training!

As a matter of fact, stay away from the L.A. area when it comes to anything that doesn't involve family or business. You did not earn it this year.  Sure, you can block players and pull off an armbar on someone if they get too rowdy, but it doesn't mean a thing if you can't catch the ball in traffic or make someone miss in the open field.

2. Get a Juggs Machine

This one is a no-brainer. You've had at least 10 drops this year and I was being very conservative. If you can't even catch the simple passes, your value decreases significantly. And if that continues, you could be on your way out of Jacksonville.

3. Get Familiar With Blaine Gabbert

Blaine Gabbert is your meal ticket for the next 5-6 years. You're probably going to get a LOT of targets from him. So, if you want to make it to the Pro Bowl again and get to your third contract, you might want to spend some extra time working with Gabbert (This shoud go for the other receivers as well). I don't care if you have to run routes at a nearby high school, get it done. After all, both of your careers are intertwined.

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