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An Analysis of Minor Needs for the Jacksonville Jaguars During the Offseason

February 4th, 2012 at 7:42 AM
By Michael Hall

Now, it's time to analyze the numerous minor needs of the Jacksonville Jaguars going into this offeseason. Take a seat, you might be reading this one for a while.

1. Right Tackle

This one basically in between being a major and minor need. First of all, Guy Whimper is likely leaving as a free agent (Feel free to party).What disturbs me the most is that we don't know how Eben Britton and Kevin Haslam are going to recover from their injuries. We know that behind them is Cameron Bradfield, who has looked good in limited snaps this year, but we won't know how well he will play and who will be backing him up. For all that we know,Britton might end up with a freak injury for the third year in a row, leaving the Jaguars (And more specifically the young quarterback) with another backup lining upon the right side of the line. Perhaps an offensive tackle could be found in the mid-rounds that could provide some extra depth, as well as some competition for Britton. 

2.  Defensive End

Jeremy Mincey and Matt Roth are both very good players, but unfortunately, they are both free agents as well. at least one of them are coming back this year, but the position can afford to be upgraded., especially with a gifted free agency class. I think it's safe to assume that offensive linemen will have a hard time sleeping at night if they had to defend against Mincey and Mario Williams or Mincey and Cliff Avril. Getting Ryan Coples or Melvin Ingram in the draft could help supplement the position as well.

3. #2 Receiver

Having a possesion receiver that catches everything that comes his way would be nice as well. However, the Jags already have bunch of borderline #2 receivers on the roster already in Jarett Dillard, Chastin West, and perhaps even Mike Thomas. However, if you can upgrade the position by drafting someone like Justin Blackmon or signing someone like Reggie Wayne in free agency, it should be an easy decision to make. After all, if you have to double up on the #1 and #2 receiver, who do you think is going to cover Marcedes Lewis in the seam or  Maurice Jones Drew coming out of the backfield. If you're struggling to come up with an answer right now, imagine how defensive coordinators are going to feel on gameday.  

4. Center

Even though we keep ignoring the elephant in the room, Brad Meester is not getting any younger. Even though he had a bit of a rocky start to the 2011 season, he finished the season strong. But as we all know, injuries can happen when you least expect them and if Meester goes down, the Jags might end up with serious issues on the interior line. And without an interior line, there is no Mojo. It is a well-established fact that John Estes is being groomed to be Meester's eventual replacement, but it would also be nice to pick up a mid-round interior lineman to compete with him. If nothing else, that interior lineman could allow Will Rackley or Uche Nwaneri to take over the center spot. 

5. Cornerbacks

With the possible departure of Rashean Mathis as a free agent, the Jaguars could probably afford to adddress the position in the draft.  However, in their defense, the Jaguars have soem extra options atcorner. William Middletn and Ashton Youboty basically came out of nowhere and have filled the spots well, even though the were thrust into starting roles on short notice due to the injuries to Mathis and Derek Cox. Another couple of  factors to consider are the two other backup corners in Morgan Trent and Kevin Rutland, who have also shown promise. Trent was signed on November 30 than ended up starting the final two games at cornerback and he ended up registering an interception in both games Kevin Rutland made the team as an undrafted rookie free agent and he played solidly in his 5 starts. Still, if a dynamic playmaker like Morris Claiborne is still sitting in the green room at pick #7, Roger Goodell should probably have to run to the podium to announce the next pick. 

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