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The Jacksonville Jaguars are not Far from the Super Bowl

February 5th, 2012 at 5:30 PM
By Michael Hall

We're a couple hours away from the kickoff of the Super Bowl and I cannot help but think that the Jaguars are not as far away from the Super Bowl as we think. I could point to the Jags beating the Ravens, who were a drop and a shank away from being in the Super Bowl as my reason for thinking that, but there is more to it.  We know that the Jaguars defense has a legitmately solid back seven, and that they have a game-breaking running back in Maurice Jones-Drew. They are built for an extended playoff run. 

Now there's just the part of getting to the playoffs in the first place, which must involve fixing the offense. A common theme this year was a lack of cohesion between the quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, and his receivers. Sure, there's the drops,but whether it was due to the shortened offseason or the  ineptitude of the coaches, they just couldn't get on the same page at all and it has cost them in critical games. Some of it was errant route running by receivers and some of it was bad placement by the QB. Fortunately, Greg Olsen and Jerry Sullivan are well-qualified to coach their crafts and it seems that there will be better days ahead for the Jaguars offense.  Who knows? It might improve to the point where talking heads are overanalyzing Gabbert in next year's Super Bowl.

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2 Responses to “The Jacksonville Jaguars are not Far from the Super Bowl”

  1.  Stephen Rispalje says:

    Do you think Jacksonville would be smart to get Peyton Manning or another experienced qb to mentor Gabbert. Gabbert is good but maybe he needs a year learning from someone else.

    • I think that they should get another experienced QB, to mentor Gabbert and start a game or two if he goes down. However, it shouldn’t be Peyton Manning. Gabbert doesn’t just need mentoring, he needs gameday experience to cushion the fact that he left college early. I believe that Chris Redman, who has experience under Mularkey’s system, would probably be the best fit.

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