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New Poll: What Excites You the Most About the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2012?

February 12th, 2012 at 3:50 PM
By Michael Hall

We're starting up a new poll. With the coaching staff finally completed and the draft season upon us, we want you guys to tell us what excites you the most about the team going into the 2012 season. To vote, use the poll on the left side of the main page. It's right across from the Jaguars 101 on Facebook heading (and while I'm shamelessly flaunting off my website for profit, feel free to 'Like' us on Facebook or click on an ad). We'll go over the poll choices afer the picture.

The New Coaching Staff

The Jaguars completely revamped their coaching staff under head coach Mike Mularkey, filling it with a balanced combination of experienced coaches and former players. Having a lame duck staff didn't often produce player progression since those one-year contracts often demanded immediate results or else you might end up getting some walking papers. Players that regressed over the past year or so, such as Mike Thomas and Deji Karim could develop into major contributors.

The New Owner

Shad Khan has made it clear from Day 1 that he wants to make this a winning team by any means necessary, including spending a significant amount of money in free agency (Which was considered one of Wayne Weaver's few flaws). Add that to the Khan-stache craze that has been around town for the past few months and one can clearly see that there is a buzz around Jacksonville.  

Free Agency and the Draft

The New Owner's policy on spending money in free agency is exciting enough, but it gets even more exciting when you look at the amount of talent that will be hitting the market on March 13th, Names like Desean Jackson, Mario Williams, and Reggie Wayne will be hitting the market, as well as a few other players that are salary cap casualties. Don't even get me started on the likes of Justin Blackmon, Morris Claiborne, and Ryan Coples in the 2012 NFL Draft.This team can improve significantly in the span of a short time 

Blaine Gabbert's Development 

I know that some people are willing to give up on him already (And to those people, I think that you're crazy), but having a full offseason to benefit from watching professional game tape, working with coaches, and work out with his teammates will prove to be highly beneficial for him as he goes into the 2012 season. It is already an established fact that Gabbert took his lumps and improved as the season went on and that his receivers didn't do him any favors. Is it really so far-fetched to think that Gabbert will improve significantly by August and September?

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