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Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agent Analysis: Atlanta Falcons Defensive End John Abraham

February 17th, 2012 at 10:25 AM
By Michael Hall

John Abraham is a bit of an afterthought on the free agency market but he still has an impressive resumé in his 12 year career. He has 112 career sacks, 36 career forced fumbles, and he even has an interception. Yet if the Atlanta Falcons don't franchise him, he could be a free agent.

+ A Good History of Production

 One doesn't get above the century mark in sacks without a LOT of production. He could serve as an example to younger defensive ends, like Austen Lane or George Selvie, who need work on their pass rushing moves. 

- He's Turning 34 This Year

If you're going to sign him, make it a 1 or 2 year contract because he isn't going to make it through a longer contract.

- His Pass Rushing Ability has Faded

I know can look at his game against the Jaguars and ask why I say that, but look at how many sacks he had this year. He only had 9 sacks all year and 3.5 of them, almost half of his sacks, were against the Jags. He beat up on Guy Whimper who has no business being dressed in uniform on game day and padded his stats. You can say the same for Jeremy Mincey, but we're not planning on paying him big money to come to Jacksonville.

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