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The Jacksonville Jaguars Shouldn’t Go After Randy Moss, Either

February 18th, 2012 at 8:51 AM
By Michael Hall

With Randy Moss recently announcing that he wans to return to the National Football League after retiring, Moss Watch has began yet again. Certain people will see that he is on the market and call their nearest radio station or go to their favorite message board and say that the Jaguars should go after him.  I could turn this into a long and convoluted article about why the Jaguars shouldn't go after Moss, but it really should be quite simple. He's hasn't played football in a year (so he's probably not in football shape), he isn't exactly a team player, and he's 35 years old (and I don't think that he could roll out of bed and run a sub-4.4)! I'd rather take a 34-year old Reggie Wayne, who will do things the right way by running good routes and catching everything that he gets his hands on.  We know what to expect from Reggie Wayne, nobody knows what to expect from Moss, especially a Randy Moss with creaky wheels.

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