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Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agency Analysis: Philadelphia Eagles’ WR Desean Jackson

February 20th, 2012 at 10:34 PM
By Michael Hall

Today, we are starting on the free agent wide receivers. There seems to many talented pass catchers looking for a payday in March and the most hyped receiver is Philadelphia Eagles receiver, Desean Jackson. While he is a very gifted player, he is also likely to be franchiise tagged by the Eagles. Still, there's always a chance of him hitting the market.

+ Pure speed

Jackson has a rare type of speed that makes many corners struggle to keep up. Combined with a strong-armed QB like Michael Vick, and you have a deadly combination that made up one of the most dangerous passing offenses in the league. 

+ Dynamic Playmaker 

He not only contributes in the passing game, he does major damage as a runner on end-arounds or most famously as a punt returner. Due to that speed that we just talked about, he is an endzone threat every time he gets his hands on the ball.

- Bouts of Immaturity

It sounds petty, but it's sadly true. The tone was set in his rookie year when he streaked across the field towards the endzone, only to toss the ball away before he crossed the goaline, costing the team a touchdown. Afterwards, this stuff would just keep happening, whether it was by way of a stupid taunting penalty or refusing to go after tough passes because of hs contract situation. It makes you wonder if he is a headcase like another talented speedster. If the Jaguars plan on throwing money at this guy, they better make sure that his head is in the game and not in his backside. Or else you're going end up with a season-long temper tantrum in the next 4 or 5 years

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2 Responses to “Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agency Analysis: Philadelphia Eagles’ WR Desean Jackson”

  1.  romu says:

    There are more issues with Jackson that just his childish behavior.

    First, he drops. A lot. 5 worst drop rate for WR with over 90 targets in 2011. That’s actually an improvement for him as he was worst in the category in 2010.
    He can’t run many routes either.

    He’s not a physical player, he won’t get up to catch the ball in trafic and he is pratically useless in the redzone.

    Obviously the man is a threat, he can get separation and out run you. He streches the field, keeps the S on their heels.

    In my mind, he can not be relied upon to be a WR1, which is the Jaguars are looking for I think ?

    • I remember hearing about the concerns with his physicality and his drops, but I hadn’t really watched enough Eagles games to really see it. Thanks for the info!

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