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Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agency Analysis: Pittsburgh Steelers’ WR Mike Wallace

February 22nd, 2012 at 10:53 PM
By Michael Hall

Today, we're going to analyze Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He may be a young dynamic playmaker, but he is going to want some serious money soon and the Steelers might not be able to keep him. However, since he is a restricted free agent, the Steelers will likely place a first round tender on Wallace, which could be a tempting dilemma for the Jaguars as they get ever closer to the 2012 NFL Draft.

+ Pure Speed

Like Desean Jackson, he has a rare type of speed that could leave most cornerbacks and safeties gasping for air as they try to keep up. The Jaguars experienced this firsthand as they were sliced and diced by Ben Roethlisberger as he woud throw long bombs to Wallace while Dwight Lowery was lagging from 10 yards behind.

+ He turns 26 in August

He's still a pretty young guy, so he has a lot of years left in the tank. 

-  Would that first round pick be too much compensation?

The Jaguars hold the 7th overall pick, which holds pretty high value. That pick could be used on a variety of possible playmakers such as Ryan Coples, Trent Richardson, and the similarly speedy Kendall Wright. sure, Mike Wallace has already proven himself as a great player, but one has to wonder if it would be worth giving up a very early draft pick and then giving a huge amount of cash to one guy.

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