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Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agent Analysis: San Diego Chargers Wide Receiver Vincent Jackson

March 1st, 2012 at 8:20 PM
By Michael Hall

Vincent Jackson of the San Diego Chargers is a very talented receiver, being 6'5 and being able to run past many corners. However, his off the field demons have crept up at various times during his career, making him a risky investment.  However, it is very likely that the Chargers will end up placing a franchise tag on him, making him unavailable to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

+ Gifted Receiver

For lack of a better phrase, he's a freak of nature . He easily towers over most defensive backs and runs like a horse, which allows him to get separation in the potent Chargers offense. What separates him from other tall receivers is the fact that he constantly gets open downfield, which results in him having a career average of 17.5 yards per catch which is extraordinary. 

- Another brush with the law could mean a long suspension

In 2010, he was caught driving with a suspended license, ewhich resulted in him being suspended for three games. One more screw up could mean that he could be suspended for half a season which would be devastating for almost any team.   His situation is similar to Jared Allen's from a couple of years ago. We all know how well  Allen has worked out for the Vikings, but should we take the same flyer on Jackson? Just know that not everyone can just change their ways like Allen. 

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