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Jacksonville Jaguars Place a Franchise Tag on Kicker Josh Scobee

March 5th, 2012 at 2:18 PM
By Michael Hall

The Jacksonville Jaguars officially placed a franchise tag on Josh Scobee this morning, securing his spot on the roster at least until 2013. The value of the franchise tag is approximately $2.6 million dollars for one year. However, early reports from Scobee's camp indicate that he is not planning to sign the tender, which usually indicates that he is planning to hold out of training camp. Before pressing the panic button,  it's quite unlikely that the front office is planning to just place the tag on him and then forget about the contract until next year. It just wouldn't fit Gene Smith's M.O. If anything, it will be similar to last year's tagging of Marcedes Lewis before the lockout, protecting him from being snatched up by another team while they continue to negotiate. If you are wondering why the Jaguars didn't use the tag on Jeremy Mincey, placing a tag on him would cost around $10.6 million, which is a bit pricey. Or, if you want to put it in easier terms, Josh Scobee is a Top 5 player at his position, Jeremy Mincey, even though we love the guy, is not. Business is business.

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