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The Jacksonville Jaguars Resign Offensive Tackle Guy Whimper

March 9th, 2012 at 2:19 PM
By Michael Hall

In a head scratcher of a move, the Jacksonville Jaguars have decided to sign Guy Whimper to a two year deal with up to $5 million in incentives. Whimper had a tough year, being constantly dominated in pass coverage while being one of the team's better run blockers. While I'm personally not very happy happy about this move, one shoud consider  that he played through most of the year with an injured knee. Plus, he is still the team's 3rd or 4th tackle on the depth chart, so he isn't likely to see the field and he functions as experienced depth.  If Guy Whimper ever sees game action in a Jaguar uniform, it should be as an eligible receiver, because if he is lining up at the tackle spot, you might as well get the stretcher ready for Blaine Gabbert..

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