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Sorry Folks, the Jacksonville Jaguars Will not and Should not Trade for Tim Tebow

March 12th, 2012 at 11:14 PM
By Michael Hall

The big story this weekend was Peyton Manning's visit with John Elway and the Denver Broncos With that, someone started a rumor that the Jacksonville Jaguars would be a top suitor for current Bronco QB and Jacksonville native, Tim Tebow. However, that is very unlikely to happen. As a matter of fact, I'm so confident that the Jaguars won't trade for him, I will shave my precious goatee if he comes to Jacksonville. (Feel free to follow me on Twitter as well)

1. Tim Tebow is Not a Good Quarterback

Notice that I underlined the word "quarterback". I didn't say "Person" or "Teammate", because many of his supporters will try to spin this into some ridiculous notion that I dislike Tebow for being himself, which is untrue. However, it doesn't matter how much of a class act you are, if you can't play well at your assigned role. Just look at the end of Fred Taylor's career. He may have been one of the classiest players in franchise history, but when he was cut at the beginning of 2009, he wasn't what he used to be. Some people believed that he should've stayed longer, but he was obviously done.

Now, many fans in the city of Jacksonville have deluded themselves, believing that Tebow is a viable NFL Quarterback and that he would beat out incumbent QB Blaine Gabbert in Training Camp. In what universe will that happen? Even with Gabbert's unimpressive rookie year he had a better completion percentage, more yards, and just as many passing touchdowns. And we're comparing a rookie to a second year player. Never mind the mechanical flaws, differences in coaching and surrounding talent, Tebow is not a better option than Gabbert. 

2. The "Legions of Loyal Fans" is Not Going to Last

The most common justification for bringing in Tebow is that he  would fill up the the stadium on a consistent basis and take off the tarps. However, tat is likely a bunch of hot air. I'm sure that the stadium will look nice for the first month or so, but once he starts losing, all of that loyalty will go out of the window.  It won't matter if you're the hometown kid from the hometown college. Don't think so? Just look at Rashean Mathis, who also grew up in Jacksonville. He has had a successful career as a Jaguar, holding the franchise interception record and yet when his play declined over the past few years, fans have turned on him. The only way to get those tarps off is to build a consistent winner and it is already established that Tebow doesn’t currently possess the skillset to be a consistent winner.

3. Gene Smith Will not Trade for Him

GM Gene Smith made his QB decision by not selecting Tebow in the 2010 NFL Draft and by trading up to the 10th spot to select Blaine Gabbert in the 2011 NFL Draft. If Gene Smith goes after him now, he loses a LOT of credibility which is what he isn't going to do. The only way that the Jaguars initiate a trade for Tebow is if Shad Khan overrides the front offices' authority and forces Gene to make the trade. However, that would create a slippery slope. After all, what if Khan falls in love with another player like RG III and basically sells the farm for him? It's something to think about. 


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