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Jacksonville Jaguars Football Rumors and Updates

April 2nd, 2012 at 9:00 AM
By Michael Hall

- Offseason workouts start tomorrow for the Jacksonville Jaguars and it looks like most of the players will be there, including recently signed free agent WR Laurent Robinson. I wouldn't read too much into it, but it is good that  he is starting to put the work in early. Others, like Eugene Monroe are going to be combining the workouts with his own personal program and it seems that Will Rackley will be joining him.

- Uche Nwaneri has leaked some info about what the new uniforms will be like. He has described the new unis as something reminiscent of "Oregon on steroids". He also heard that the Jaguars might be wearing matte black or gunmetal helmets next year. For those of you trying to picture it, don't bother. They're supposed to look completely different from the current style of uniforms. That is going to be an interesting look. Uche doesn't get enough credit in this town with the way that he interacts with fans on social media and the message boards and with the way that he plays on the field. He has been the most consistent offensive lineman on the Jaguars team in the past few years, leading the way for Maurice Jones-Drew. 

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