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Conflicting Reports Complicates Jacksonville Jaguars DT Terrance Knighton’s Incident at Local Nightclub

April 11th, 2012 at 12:00 PM
By Michael Hall

With Terrance Knighton nursing an eye injury, people are trying to piece together what happened that night and there seems to be two sides of the story. The first side is from the incident report (Please note that it is not a police report),which states that Knighton and his friend Tommie Weatherspoon, otherwise known as "Spoon", repeatedly made threats to the people inside of the club until they were forcibly placed into their vehicle. The incident was allegedly started over Knighton and "Spoon" being disrespectful of a female. However, this report came from an off-duty police officer that was stationed outside of the club, so he couldn't have gotten a firsthand look at what happened inside of the club. 

Then there is the second story by Knighton's agent which alleges that he was breaking up a fight that his friend Spoon was involved with. Then, it could be assumed that the other person hit Knighton across the face with a Cirac Vodka bottle to "even the odds." Another bit of information that corroborates this story is that on Weatherspoon's twitter account, he stated  "Feel like I could have done more….Said more…….Still Ain't Forgave Myself!!!" 

So let's piece the events together. From everyone that knows Knighton personally, he seems to be a guy that tends not to start fights, so one would think that he actually tried to break up a fight. Plus, if he actually assaulted someone, he probably would have been sued already. Then, as one could probably tell from Weatherspoon's guilt-ridden tweet, he probably witnessed Knighton get whacked in the head with the vodka bottle. That is when Knighton, already inebriated, became understandably angry and was kicked out of the club, leading to the events recorded in the incident report where he made threats and was forced into his car. Either way, while it is entrely within Knighton's right to party and have a good time, but he certainly didn't help his case by being out so late. Let's hope that he learns from this incident and picks a better place to go, because next time he might not be so lucky.

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