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Jacksonville Jaguars Football Rumors and Updates

April 13th, 2012 at 9:00 AM
By Michael Hall

- According to an article by Gregg Rosenthal, South Carolina WR Alshon Jeffery, was not only known for his sense of entitlement, but for his gut (As we mentioned in our analysis). During the season, his weight ballooned to 240 before he slimmed down to 216 for his Pro Day. With his new info, it's no wonder why he plummeted down the draft boards so quickly. Jeffery has probably been crossed off of Gene Smith's list for a  couple of months.

- Speaking of South Carolina, Melvin Ingram is reportedly drawing no interest from the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the New York Jets seem to be interested to the point of trading up. This might the usual "GM Talk ", but it would make a bit of sense. GM Gene doesn't really seem like the guy to really like Ingram, especially when it is a mystery as to where he would truly fit into this 4-3 defense. However, with the Jets defense starting to show its' age, Ingram would be an infusion of youth. Both Calvin Pace and Bart Scott are over 30.

-  The Atlanta Falcons have officially been offered the starring role on HBO's Hard Knocks series. I'm sure they'll find out that Falcons head coach Mike Smith is a polar opposite to Jets coach Rex Ryan. For those that are disappointed that they didn't want to cover the Jaguars, one shouldn't really expect them to pick Jacksonville over some of the larger markets.

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