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The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Schedule Has Been Released!

April 17th, 2012 at 7:39 PM
By Michael Hall

As of 7 p.m., the schedules for all 32 teams have been released. For the Jaguars, they have been given 1 primetime game, against the Indianapolis Colts  on Thursday Night Football. So there wil be no one-sided commentary by Jon Gruden  this year. (Oops!). The Jags will face Tim Tebow and the New York Jets (Yes, the Jets get second billing), in Week 14, but it will be a regular 1:00 game as opposed to the primetime game that everyone thought it would be. also, for those of you who are planning to take a trip to Lambeau, pack a light coat since their game against the Jaguars will be in late October. Here's how the schedule goes:

Week 1

9/9  Jaguars @ Vikings 1pm (CBS)

Week 2

9/16  Texans @ Jaguars 1pm (CBS)

Week 3

9/23  Jaguars @ Colts 1pm (CBS)


Week 4 - Jaguars @ Bengals 4pm (CBS)


Week 5Jaguars @Bears 4pm (CBS)


Week 6


Week 7

10/21  Jaguars @ Raiders 1pm (CBS)

Week 8

10/28  Jaguars @ Packers 1pm (CBS)

Week 9

11/4  Lions @ Jaguars 1pm (CBS)

Week 10

11/8  Colts @ Jaguars 8pm (NFLN)

Week 11

11/18  Jaguars @ Texans 1pm (CBS)

Week 12

11/25  Titans @ Jaguars 1pm (CBS)

Week 13

12/2  Jaguars @ Bills 1pm (CBS)

Week 14

12/9  Jets @ Jaguars 1pm (CBS)

Week 15

12/16  Jaguars @ Dolphins 1pm (CBS)

Week 16

12/23  Patriots @ Jaguars 1pm (CBS)

Week 17

12/30  Jaguars @ Titans 1pm (CBS)


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