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The Acquisition of Lee Evans Could Make Draft Day a Lot More Interesting for the Jacksonville Jaguars

April 19th, 2012 at 5:42 PM
By Michael Hall

The signing of Lee Evans can be seen as a regular depth move. An aging veteran stopgap that coyuld bide time so that a younger receiver could develop and replace him. With their receiving corps fortified for now, the Jacksonville Jaguars won't be forced to reach for a wide receiver with the 7th overall pick. So, in the very likely scenario that Justin Blackmon doesn't fall to them, they don't have to settle on Michael Floyd because of need.  However, that also means that Jaguars Genral Manager Gene Smith is more likely to pursue trade offers.

The biggest rumor in relation to the Jaguars on draft day is that the New York Jets are willing to trade up with the Jaguars for South Carolina defensive end Melvin Ingram. If that rumor is indeed true, then the Jaguars could really clean up during this draft. For one they would end up with extra draft picks that could be spent on the few positions of need like wide receiver and defensive end and give extra depth to others like right tackle and center. Secondly, they would be in prime position to pick up some of the more intriguing prospects in the draft like Kendall Wright, Stephen Hill, Nick Perry, and Whitney Mercilus

The most interesting of those four prospects is the athletically gifted Stephen Hill, who has the height and straight-line speed to become a star in this league, but is raw. Jacksonville would be a perfect environment for him since Lee Evans would probably provide a veteran presence and Jerry Sullivan has experience in developing wide receivers. Who knows? Maybe Jerry Sullivan could make Hill the next Calvin Johnson.

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