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Jacksonville Jaguars Football Rumors and Updates

April 21st, 2012 at 9:00 AM
By Michael Hall

- The Jacksonville Jaguars were spoted at Oklahoma State S Markelle Martin's Pro Day. He is a rangy safety that is a third or fourth round prospect. He was initially unable to work out at Oklahoma State's original pro day due to a knee surgery.

- Mike Mularkey has stated that the Jaguars will not work out with another team in his first year. However, it seems that Mularkey is open to doing it in the future. 

- The new Jaguars offense has been described as "cerebral violence". It not only emphasizes a physical ground and air attack. It requires intelligence on the part of the quarterback and receivers. It is easy tro see why Mularkey was selected for this job. Blaine Gabbert is obviously a bright quarterback and it features Maurice Jones-Drew, who is a dynamic target out of the backfield.

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