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Which Jacksonville Jaguars Compare to Superheroes?

May 5th, 2012 at 3:31 PM
By Michael Hall

Since everybody is into the superhero craze with the Avengers movie coming out, we will have a bit of fun and compare some of our favorite Jaguars to some of our favorite superpowered crimefighters.

7. WR Mike Thomas is The Flash

Thomas has blazing 4.30 speed, he's a bit underappreciated around here, and he's a laid back.guy.  However, even in an off year, he still managed to catch the most balls on the team. He was the Jaguars' most reliable target for the past couple of years.

6. LB Clint Session is Wolverine 

Clint Session is not your stereotypical linebacker. He's a bit short and he isn't exactly proficient at everything, but he plays like a wildman and doesn't take a play off. As Matt Schaub found out, even if he gets knocked down, he will get back up and hunt you down.

5. LB Paul Posluszny is Thor

Sure, Clint Session has more of a reputation as a big hitter, but Poz has the blonde, flowing locks. Plus, he can bring the hammer down when hereally  wants to.

4. FB Greg Jones is The Thing

Generally he is a nice guy, but if you mess with him, he will TAKE YOU OUT. Also considering the nature of the fullback position, every Sunday is "Clobbering Time".

3. LB Daryl Smith is Batman

Being the team's resident ninja, he quietly and efficiently does his job and dispatches enemies without drawing much attention to himself. Nobody beats Batman. You don't beat Batman because nobody is better than Batman and nobody is better than Batman because nobody prepares better than Batman. He's the franchise's leader in career tackles and now you know why. 

2. DE Jeremy Mincey is Jason Blood/Etrigan

Mincey is a cool guy off of the field, but when he steps onto the field, he becomes Mr. Mince, a one-man assault team on the opposing team's backfield. This quite similar to Jason Blood turning into the demon, Etrigan in order to fight evil. Etrigan is also known as a "rhyming demon" and nothing else really describes Mincey's style better than that.

1. RB Maurice Jones-Drew is The Juggernaut.

Jones-Drew compares to a bunch of superheroes like Superman, Wolverine, Hulk, and Iron Man, but he truly is a Juggernaut. He is the unstoppable force that moves this offense and it rarely ever takes just one person to take him down. Heck, it usually takes two players just to slow him down. 

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