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Is Jacksonville Jaguars WR Mike Thomas Truly on the Bubble?

May 23rd, 2012 at 1:49 PM
By Matt Goudreau

As the Jacksonville Jaguars WR group has been reconstructed in the last few months, it's not hard to see there is much more talent than in 2011. With the additions of Justin Blackmon, Laurent Robinson, Lee Evans, one has to think the Jaguars will look to those three to make plays down the field for an offense that was simply putrid last year. On top of that, is Cecil Shorts returning for a second year, and Chastin West in camp along with a few UDFA's. All of a sudden, WR could be a strength for the Jaguars.

One player to keep your eyes on is fourth year receiver Mike Thomas. That's exactly what Mark Long of the Associated Press has been doing lately. Earlier he tweeted:

Now, I don't know the specific reasons for this tweet, but it doesn't sound good. Thomas was forced on the outside last year due to the lack of depth at the position. Safe to say, he struggled. Amassing a total of 44 receptions, 415 yards, and 1 TD last year, I think we can all agree those aren't quality starter numbers. (Continue reading this post…)

Thomas has been criticized for being lackadaisical and nonchalant at times, and it showed during games last year. There were times where he quit on routes, and rounded off the top of routes. I highly doubt Head Coach Mike Mularkey, and receivers coach Jerry Sullivan will be impressed if he repeats that act this season.

It will be an interesting camp, and there are rumblings around the web that Thomas might not make it to September in a Jaguars uniform if he doesn't step it up.. The Jaguars could trade him if they feel he is not a piece to their future, or downright release him. Later on, we will look at other receivers in camp that could make their way up the depth chart by raising some eyebrows this summer.

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