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Jacksonville Jaguars Offense to Increase in Complexity

May 28th, 2012 at 4:45 PM
By Matt Goudreau

'Fly Over Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium' photo (c) 2007, Craig ONeal - license:

Balance: Jaguars WR Lee Evans was a product under Head Coach Mike Mularkey in Buffalo between 2004-2005 where he had 9 touchdowns as a Bill. As a veteran, he knows the complexity of his offense that is currently being installed in Jacksonville's OTAs. Mularkey is known to have a balanced attack between run-pass, and wide receivers in particular can accumulate solid numbers in his system (see Roddy White). While in Atlanta, the Falcons had a top 10 offense twice under Mularkey's play calling. 

Less Predictability: Under Dirk Koetter last season, the Jaguars would line up in run formations if it were a run, even with eight defenders in the box. If it were a pass, it was obvious. Look out Gabbert, they're blizting! Under the new Jaguars offense, we should see less predictability. A lot more WR shifts, movement before the snap, and play action passes to open things up. It is good to keep the opposing defense on their toes, and I think Mularkey and offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski will do a better job of that. (Continue reading this post…)

Creating Mismatches: Moving Justin Blackmon to the slot, line up Marcedes Lewis outside, have Laurent Robinson and Lee Evans run a fly. I think the offensive minds on this team will figure out ways to create mismatches against the defense that previous coaches couldn't. 

All indications is that they are installing a more advanced system on offense this year, which has been lacking in Jacksonville for quite some time. Stay tuned Jaguar fans, this team is going to score some points this year.

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