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The Jacksonville Jaguars Seem to Think That RB Maurice Jones-Drew Has Lost a Step

May 31st, 2012 at 8:37 AM
By Michael Hall

'Maurice Jones-Drew' photo (c) 2011, Parker Anderson - license:

According Pete Prisco of CBS, the Jacksonvle Jaguars believe that RB Maurice Jones-Drew  has los a step, which could possibly be a central issue in Mojo's contract negotiations. However, I don't thnk that it should be much of an issue. He is 27 years old, he's barely a year removed from microfracture surgery, and  he had over 350 carries in 2011. Of course he lost a step.  However,  he still led the league in rushing by a wide margin, he posted the highest ypc average since his rookie year, and he had the largest amount of explosive plays (rushes or pass receptions of 20 or more yards) in his career. It doesn't mean anything that Mojo has lost a step. If anything, it means that he has become more savvy as a player, which could allow him to last a bit longer in this league as he starts going into the later stages of his career.

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