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Justin Blackmon’s DUI: Bonehead Decision, or Beginning of a Trend?

June 4th, 2012 at 1:44 PM
By Matt Goudreau

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As Michael Hall reported yesterday, Jaguars rookie WR Justin Blackmon was arrested in Oklahoma for an aggravated DUI charge. This has been a shock to Jaguar fans and beat writers for the team since the report was first made. Entering the draft, Blackmon had no real character concerns, although this DUI was not his first.

In 2010, while at Oklahoma State University Blackmon got pulled over for drunk driving then too. He told teams at the combine he learned from his mistakes, and the past is the past. Apparently he didn't learn, and the past is becoming a trend. I won't jump the gun and say Blackmon has alcoholism problems like some people are. Did he make a bad decision? Of course. Driving under the influence should never be taken lightly, as a lot of people get hurt each and every day because of it. Do I think Blackmon has alcohol 'issues' though? Not necessarily. We don't know how often he drinks, or any of the psychological reasoning behind him drinking. We'll leave diagnosis to the professionals, please. (Continue reading this post…)

To me, Blackmon's DUI speaks volumes in terms of immaturity and professionalism. As a 22 year old kid just going into the NFL for the first time, he has some serious growing up to do. The Jaguars have had a history of misfires with first round picks and substance abuse, such as Reggie Williams and Matt Jones in recent memory. The franchise can't afford these bonehead mistakes by players like Blackmon since they can't supervise him 24/7.

This DUI leaves a mark on Justin Blackmon's career. If he cleans up his act down the road, people will forgive him. I just hope as Blackmon tends to get older, he also tends to grow up and we don't see these arrests happening again.

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