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A Quick Summary of Jaguars Justin Blackmon’s Press Conference

June 6th, 2012 at 2:14 PM
By Matt Goudreau

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It might be a little repetitive of Justin Blackmon's 2010 DUI, but Blackmon seemed to be pretty remorseful and apologetic today, as he should be. Here is a summary of what the rookie wide receiver had to say at today's press conference at EverBank:

  • Took the chance today to apologize to Shad Khan, Gene Smith, Mike Mularkey, and his own family. Blackmon stated he does not have an alcohol problem, but that he used bad judgment.  
  • Blackmon went on to apologize to fans, and people that look up to him. He also wanted to let people know this is not who he is, or who he is going to be. Blackmon said he can't go back and change the situation, he just has to learn from it.
  • Blackmon said he will seek whatever help he needs regarding alcohol rehab, and Gene Smith said that is a league matter. Justin said he's putting more pressure on himself to get out of this situation, and make things right. He said he is done drinking right now, but can't promise he won't have a drink 10 years from now. (Continue reading this post…)

Head Coach Mike Mularkey addressed the seriousness of his actions as well. He said the rookie draft pick let a lot of people down, but this could still have a happy ending. Gene Smith said his arrest can impact contract negotiations, so we'll see how much guaranteed money Blackmon might not receive. 

This presser was pretty much how I thought it would go. A sincere apology from Justin Blackmon was needed, to everyone. Hopefully Blackmon sees the shame he's put on the organization, and we will never have to deal with this again.



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