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Jacksonville Jaguars: Maurice Jones-Drew Decides to Hold Out of Mandatory Mini-Camp

June 12th, 2012 at 7:55 PM
By Michael Hall

'Maurice Jones-Drew' photo (c) 2011, Parker Anderson - license:

The Jacksonville Jaguars' star running back, Maurice Jones-Drew has decided to skip mandatory mini-camp, which started today for contract reasons. This isn't completely unexpected, as it has been well-known that Mojo has been unhappy with his contract for some time. We can respect that MJD is arguably the best running back in the league. and he deserves to be paid like an elite running back, but still, it is disappointing that he won't even participate in the mandatory practices.

Still, one has to consider the consequences. First, he doesn't get the hands-on work with his new coaches, which could affect his effectiveness on the field. Secondly, he loses leverage in terms of contract negotiations and fan support. When negotiations are going on, it doesn't help your case when your client hasn't even taken a physical yet. However, the biggest blow to Jones-Drew's case for a new contract could be Rashad Jennings, who has showed up to camp and looked impressive. If Jennings starts running loose in the preseason and the regular season (If the holdout lasts that long), Jones-Drew could easily be low-balled, causing a serious rift in contract negotiations for the next few years.

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