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Jacksonville Jaguars to Upgrade Stadium, Build Indoor Practice Facility

June 15th, 2012 at 3:24 PM
By Matt Goudreau

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Bill Prescott, VP of Stadium Operations for the Jacksonville Jaguars announced today they are in the early stages of bringing some nice new additions to the Jaguars home, EverBank Field. According to reports, the city of Jacksonville is willing to spend $2.8 million to upgrade the sound system in the stadium, and $2 million in beer lines and other nice add-ons.

Have a smartphone? Need to check your fantasy team and stats, but have no signal? Well EverBank Field will have WiFi for fans, $1.5 million invested in this service. A convenient, and fun feature I might add. Furthermore, the players locker rooms will be renovated, a mere $3 million worth. Prescott claims it will have a "spa" feel to it. This will be beneficial to current players, and could help in the recruitment process in signing free agents in the future.

With all the rain the past few weeks in the Jacksonville area, the Jags have moved indoors at times to practice. Prescott says they are in the early stages of development in regards to an indoor practice facility for the team, which could mean a bubble, or metal structure. It definitely won't be built this season, so next year is the earliest such a structure can take affect. (Continue reading this post…)

It's good to see the organization making such changes to increase fan experience on game day. I doubt this will be the last of the upgrades, as there are rumors of newer, and bigger Jumbotrons being implemented in the future as well. As for the practice facility, one has to think it's a smart investment. A lot of teams have them in case of bad weather, and the Jags should not be at a disadvantage of missing practices without one.

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