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Minnesota Vikings WR Percy Harvin Would not Be a Great Addition to the Jacksonville Jaguars

June 25th, 2012 at 12:43 AM
By Michael Hall

With the news that WR Percy Harvin has requested a trade from the Minnesota Vikings, we had to wonder if he would be a good fit with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Matt has a pro-Harvin approach , I don't see what the big deal is.. Does it look tempting? Yes. Having an obviously talented WR to round out a revamped receiving corps for a million bucks a year would be nice, but it is not conducive to long-term success and I will show you why after the picture.

'A. Peterson & P. Harvin' photo (c) 2011, Arvee - license:

1. Character Concerns

Harvin has had character concerns since his days at Florida when he allegedly attacked his WR coach, Billy Gonzales.Then there is the fact that he is already requesting a trade going into his fourth year. How selfish is that? The team is about to head into training camp and you're suddenly demanding a trade? That isn't the sort of thing that makes teams want to line up and trade for you.

2. Injury Concerns

Harvin has missed time during two of his first three seasons in the league, only managing to play in all 16 games in 2011 due to various illnesses such as migraines.

3. Other Young Talent to Cultivate

Young WR's like Mike Thomas, Cecil Shorts, and Chastin West were young players that suffered from the poor coaching of Johnny Cox deserve a chance to prove themselves. Fortunately, with the addition of Laurent Robinson, Justin Blackmon, and Lee Evans, they are not forced into starting when they aren't ready. 



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