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Jacksonville Jaguars and Kicker Josh Scobee Resume Contract Talks

July 4th, 2012 at 1:46 PM
By Matt Goudreau

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Following the Josh Scobee saga, there is a report today stating that the Jacksonville Jaguars and Josh Scobee's party have resumed contract talks once again. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Josh Scobee have until July 16 to get a contract negotiated or Scobee cannot get an extension until after the 2012 season. This would mean Scobee would play under the $2.88 million cap hit for the upcoming season. 

As Michael pointed out, the two sides have not spoke in months before today's report of them coming together. Using a parameter in terms of contract figures, the Jaguars and Scobee might use other recent signings to assist this process. Denver just inked their kicker Matt Prater to a 4-year, $13 million deal, making him the fifth highest paid kicker in the NFL.

I suspect Scobee will get a contract in that range, and rightly so. In the end, it's good to hear both sides are again officially working towards a resolution before training camp begins.

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