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Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp Chronicles 2012: Day 1 Recap

July 26th, 2012 at 10:02 PM
By Michael Hall

'Blaine Gabbert Maurice Jones-Drew' photo (c) 2011, Parker Anderson - license:

- The main story for today is the absence of RB Maurice Jones-Drew from the first day of training camp. He isn't happy with his contract and  according to various sources, he is not very happy with the Jaguars for not giving him a new contract. Still, nothing official has come from MJD's camp yet. So there is no way to find out exactly what he is thinking.

- Terrance Knighton has reported to camp in appropriate shape for the first time since his rookie year. As a matter of fact he seems to be under the 330 pound mark. Pot Roast is certainly starting this season off right. However, one has to wonder if this sudden change was spurred on because this is a contract year. Still, he certainly looks like he is at an optimum weight

- The locker room seems to have undergone a serious transformation, as seen in this video tour. The new locker rooms are complete with LED lighting and individual ventilation for each locker, multple HDTVs that go up to 80 inches in size and a now-famous waterfall in the pool area. This complete makeover further shows that Shad Khan is committed to Jacksonville. After all, who spends $3 million to upgrade a locker room if ou're going to move the team in a few years?

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