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Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Spotlight: WR Laurent Robinson

July 30th, 2012 at 11:36 PM
By Matt Goudreau

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Next up under our fantasy spotlight is newly acquired Jaguars receiver Laurent Robinson. Robinson had a break out performance in Dallas last year, seeing the field a lot due to the nagging injuries to Miles Austin. He and Tony Romo developed a nice relationship together, boosting the Cowboys offense while Austin remained on the sideline. Laurent totaled 54 catches, 858 yards, and an impressive 11 touchdowns. Robinson only played 14 games last year, but was ranked 18th in fantasy points for WR's in the NFL.

A year later, Laurent Robinson signed a big contract to play for the Jags. He is expected to come in and start for Jacksonville, after proving he can do so in Dallas. Robinson has a good combination of size and speed, and could potentially have a productive year if he and quarterback Blaine Gabbert start to click. 

Even though it's early, reports are that Robinson has been "pressing" in Jaguars practice out of the gate. Could he be feeling the pressure of signing that big contract? I think as camp goes by and he makes a few big plays, it will go away. What is important before Week 1 against Minnesota is that he and Blaine build their own chemistry, the way he did with Romo. Continue reading this post »

Adding Robinson to your fantasy team is a low risk move if you get him later rounds. Although he's had a bit of the injury bug in the past, Robinson was healthy last year, and his production proved it. In drafting Laurent Robinson, you will surely get a receiver that will be on the field for almost all of the snaps on offense. He, and rookie Justin Blackmon are destined to be Gabbert's top two targets on offense.

Personally, I would rather have Justin Blackmon if I am getting one of the Jags receivers, but a 65-70 catch, 800-900 yard, 6-7 TD performance out of Robinson in 2012 would make any fantasy owner pleased… especially if he's a reserve off your bench.

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