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Jaguars New Offense to Play to Blaine Gabbert’s Strengths, According to Coach Mularkey

August 1st, 2012 at 11:25 AM
By Matt Goudreau

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Every Monday night, Brian Sexton and head coach Mike Mularkey host a live radio show called the "Mike Mularkey Show" on WOKV Jacksonville. Fans get the opportunity to ask the coach a question and he will answer it on the air. On Monday, I tweeted my question to the show in hopes they would answer. 

My question: "Does the new offense play to Blaine's strengths as a quarterback, or are you molding him to learn your offense?"

His response: "Oh I think he plays to our strengths, he does. He's very good, you know. One thing we do with our play action and our run game is we try to make everything look very similar, and he is extremely good at carrying out plays after the hand-off. Those plays, when we do run a play action off him, he's extremely good with that as well. But we are in the gun a lot and will throw the ball, which is some of his history, especially when we get into the no huddle. So we are going to play to his strengths, but I think this offense is very comfortable for him"  Continue reading this post »

I thought it was a great answer by Mularkey elaborating on how exactly Gabbert fits the new offensive scheme. Seems like they will try to throw the defense off with intermediate routes and play action from Gabbert. The shotgun formation was used a lot by Gabbert at Missouri, so this plays to his strengths also. 

I think these combination of factors will make Blaine more comfortable running the offense this year as a second year QB.

You can listen to the full show here

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