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Young Jacksonville Jaguars Learning Tough Lessons Early

August 10th, 2012 at 11:22 PM
By Michael Hall

The Jacksonville Jaguars took their lumps today, even though they won against the New York Giants 32-31. Blaine Gabbert and Rashad Jennings played well in the first and early second quarter, but there were obviously quite a few miscues. So, what did we learn, class? 

'Blaine Gabbert' photo (c) 2011, Parker Anderson - license:

1. Blaine Gabbert has improved, but he still needs some work

Gabbert obviously showed improvement today. His accuracy and command of the offense has improved. His only blemish was his sack-fumble during the third drive. Some people have said that he shrunk in the pocket, but if you looked at the play from behind, you could easily see that Blaine Gabbert was still scanning the field untill he was blindsided. That is a big step forward for Gabbert. After all, what was the biggest gripe about his play last year? His eye level, which would sink every time he was under pressure. There was none of that today.

2. Turnovers are Deadly

The Jaguars turned the ball over way too easily  today, fumbles and muffed punts were the main culprits. Most of the Giants' points came off of turnovers, and if they don't get that patched up, it will bite them inm te backside when the real challenges start. 

3.  Discipline is Key

There were way too many penalties today. Even though the referees were quite inept, that is no excuse for drawing stupid penalties. 

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